Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wait a sec...hijabi are WOMEN?

Black hijab...black abaya...quiet, shy, reclusive..........is it possible these very women are also interested in make-up, clothes and fashion? The following article was a good reminder that hijabi are women! Its easy to forget that women who cover are still ladies interested in much the same things other ladies like! But please remember sisters...........

1. Showing off (ostentatiousness) is not correct in Islam. The characteristic based on modesty (hayaa)

2. Restrict discussions about make-up and what you're wearing beneath your abaya to the confines of your home- its not right to cover and then let non-mehrem know what you look like without it (defeats the purpose!)

3. Dont waste excessive amounts of money on make-up & clothing and remember most fashion (especially Western) is dictated usually by MEN...Versace, Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein.

4. Spend extra time you have in good, Islamic pursuits. I like make up and clothes too but i'd rather spend an extra hour learning about Islam and propagating it or just increasing my knowledge of Quran by heart instead of testing 30 different eye-shadows in order to get the "right one" lol.

Check out the article here:-

My comment:- (balance is key!)
...this kind of thing is really useful:- we can wear what we want at home! Of course there are limits- if you spend a lot of time, money & effort on make up, clothes etc its not really in the spirit of Islam. Balance is the key i think.... x

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  1. Thank you for posting this article, we could all use a little reminder now and again :D


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