Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Enough about the hijab!


I just read an interesting article called Enough about the Hijab! Its not anything negative; its about a study conducted into why women in Quebec wear hijab and what it ultimately means for the Quebecian (?) society overall. I found it on this sisters blog http://nazia-canadianhijab.blogspot.com and she gives reference to the original source for the article on her blog. Take a look:-


My comment:-

That was an interesting article sis...enough with going on and on about what is essentially a peice of material! Of course it means so much more to us, alhumdulillah, but for non-Muslims it shouldnt represent anything negative (as its only a peice of cloth- you dont see them getting this worked up over bandanas!)....and inshallah one day, for the vast majority, it wont represent anything negative & people will see it for the beautiful symbol of piety it really is! Great blogging x

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