Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rachel from London's Blog

The above link leads to a blog by a lady called Rachel- a fellow Londoner!- who had an experience that I found interesting. She wore "hijab" for a day and found that she was treated very differently to the way she is in her normal attire. I was reminded of Allah's words advising that we wear hijab so that we "may be recognised". Rachel was recognised and shown respect, which she deserves and all women deserve regardless of what we wear.

My comment, which I would like to share with you as it includes my own pre and post hijab story (more on that later):-

Hi, I just thought I would commet on how I viewed your piece. I put on hijab aged 23 and have been wearing it for 4 years. As someone who has experienced life "before and after" I can assure you of several things from my own experience:-1) Pre-hijab all types of men would stare at me, ask me out randomly on the street, propose to me, hassle me and 1 even stalked me. Race made no difference- it was all men 2) Post-hijab I gained the same respect you mentioned and it was a relief. All men treated me in an opposite fashion to the pre-hijab period. Because you had an experience where your appearance altered the way you were treated I would like you & all women to consider- regardless of your religion- how women SHOULD be treated...We all deserve respect despite our appearance.

As a professional hijab-wearing woman now I am respected, I am seen as intelligent, my opinions are sought and men look at my face/eyes when talking not elsewhere. I feel safe and protected and have a dignity and self-worth that came from being covered. Women SHOULD be able to walk down the street as you did and NOT be harassed but the real world is an unsafe place- the day I put on hijab I felt protected and my self-esteem grew. All women should try it and I'm glad you got a taste of it x

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  1. Her story about they different treatment she went through was an interesting read. This is a good reply you made to show the similar experience you have. MashaAllah.


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