Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hijabs High

Assalamwalikum all!

I know, I know...some weeks I barely post anything and other weeks I post several things in one go! Although I'm busy with work (life in the City is always a mad constantly-on-the-go rush) I just had to take time out to let you know about an excellent new site called Hijabs High. The concept of the site is simple yet briliant- photographs of everyday Muslimahs from around the globe wearing their hijabs with pride. Mashallah the sisters are inspiring and I love seeing how other sisters wear their hijabs for work and for play.

If I wasn't so keen on remaining anonymous I would post pictures of myself in my work suits & hijab here...Alhumdulillah that isn't such a rare sight these days but still in the City there are few Muslimahs who wear hijab at work. Perhaps I just haven't met any yet! If there are other sisters out there like me, let me know! And if you're not shy I'll post your picture online!


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