Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Most people hate the rain - apart from a few wierdos who love it. I'm not a water baby - I don't like to be rained on, freezing and wet, with mascara running down my face. Right now its raining in London and it's pretty miserable. But then I remind myself that the rain in general - from a Muslim point of view - is pretty awesome.

In Islam, rain is a sign of God's (Allah's) mercy. The rain benefits us by way of irrigating crops, "reviving the earth after its death" (Quran). Without doubt, a land without rainfall is one that is suffering. Some of the driest countries are Niger, Chad, Gambia, Burkina Faso,Senegal and Sudan. The lack of rainfall affects crops and food supplies as well as clean, safe drinking water. These countries have "wet years" but otherwise are very dry. A country that receives rain is blessed with Allah's mercy.

While I'm frowning (and jumping over puddles) at the rain, I cannot deny that is is an essential component of the life cycle. So, the next time I look out of the window and see rain, before moaning about the fact that its cold and damp and my plans have been ruined, I will try and remember to thank God that the rain exists, without which none of us could survive.

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