Sunday, 5 July 2009

Pray with the people in your household- or the devil will divide you

Assalamwalikum my dearest brothers and sisters in Islam. I hope this blogpost finds you in the best of health and imaan inshallah. I feel at peace alhumdulillah because I prayed little while ago (which usully helps me to feel sakoon - peace) and also because I prayed with my husband today. I've been trying to get us to pray together for ages but we've never managed to do it regularly together. Today we prayed zohar and Asr together alhumdulillah and its wonderful. The family that prays together, stays together! I recommend it to all of you.

I cant find the hadith right now but there is one that says that all the members of a household should pray salah together- because the one or two who dont will become separated from the family by sheytaan, like a wolf who snatches sheep who stray from the flock. Something long those lines. If anyone knows the hadith I'd appreciate it if you could post it on here. Here's something about husband and wife praying together.

Q3. Can a husband and wife pray together as a Jama'ah? How to perform such prayer? Please explain.

A3. Jama'ah prayer can be performed by two or more people. The minimum requirement of Jama'ah is two people, an Imam and another person, whether a man, woman or child. It is very good that the whole family pray together, especially in this society where the mosques are so few and most people do not get chance to pray in Jama'at every day.

Husband and wife can also make a Jama'at prayer. It is reported by Imam Abu Da'ud that the Prophet -peace be upon him- said, "Whoever wakes up during the night and also awakens his wife and then both of them pray together two rak'ah prayer, their names will be written among 'those men and women who remembered Allah most' (referring to surah al-Ahzab 33:35)."

If there are two males praying together in Jama'ah then one of them will be Imam and the other person should stand one step behind at the Imam's right side, but if the husband and wife are praying together then the wife should stand behind the husband. A male and a female -just two individuals- who are not married to each other or who are not mahram are not allowed to pray together in Jama'ah

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  1. What if the male is related to the female, for example the female is an aunt etc.


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