Saturday, 6 June 2009

Work Wear Part 1

Assalamwalikum all! We're moving on to clothes (for the time being- will be back to complete the story of my "reversion" later....) So ladies (and gents, im equally interested to know what issues brothers may have when it comes to attire), what do you wear for WORK? I've tried to inspire readers to share their hijab styles, enouraged London hijabis especially and even offered an incentive (free hijabs!!) but you're all either too shy or dont care! C'mon ladies!! (and gents).

In this commercial, capitalist world, we Muslims and Muslimahs are having to go out to what do we wear that is both suitable for the office and also modest? I used to have a hard time with shirts worn with trousers in particular (as they were all too short!!). Here's a nice combo for now (long skirts are life savers!) and I'll be posting more on this soon.

I'd like to point out correct that Islamic dress is full abaya/jilbab as well as hijab. For those who dont wear abaya/jilbab (like myself, but are working towards it inshallah) this is useful to bridge the gap. I strongly encourage all sisters to work actively towards full correct Islamic dress as its fardh and inshallah Im with you on that too! walikumasalam :-)

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