Friday, 13 February 2009

The New Hijab- Article

The following article is an important reminder to all sisters about the importance of hijab and the reason why we wear it. The article discusses that too much emphasis should not be placed on fashion and how important it is to ensure we wear hijab correctly. This article can be found here and is by Unique Muslimah who kindly allowed me to place a copy on my site.

The New Hijab
There’s a growing culture in Egypt that is strictly based on appearance. You have to look your best. You must leave the house looking like something that has come out of a commercial advert (although it doesn’t always work out that way). Although there is an increase in Hijabi girls, there is also an increase in these hijabi girls wearing the tightest clothes possible to show off their ‘assets’. That is the only way I can word it. Tight jeans are worn so that the view from behind is clear for everyone to see. Tight skirts are worn with short tops, again, so that everything is on display. The only thing that is hidden is the hair with a short scarf which is often accompanied with full make-up. Are they trying to make up for what they have hidden (the hair)?

Before it used to bother me, to see sisters making fun of the Hijab and not taking it seriously. Yesterday while I went out to eat I looked quite odd with my jilbab, cardigan and long hijab. To them, I probably looked like a ‘fundamentalist’ because I wasn’t following the ‘in-crowd’. But I didn’t care. I walked in confidently, sat down, ate and left. I have stopped judging others who ridicule the Hijab, only because it gave me a headache and heartache. Sometimes I just think, you know what? Everyone is entitled to live the way they want to live, let’s not judge each other. But sorry, when it comes to a religious symbol- the hijab- I think we should take care not to associate it with tight clothes so much so that the hijabies look more attractive and sexier than the non-hijabies. I have heard many conversations from non-hijabies criticising this and not understanding the need for the hijab if they are going to all that trouble to demean the meaning of the veil.

Now there is the fashion where you wrap the hijab behind your neck, so that your chest and front bit of the neck and chin are showing. They leave a bit of the ears showing so that earrings are on display. Then in a conversation with one of them they say ’Yes, I’m so proud to be a mohajaba (a hijabi)’. I disagree. There are two categories for someone wearing the veil. One is the mohajaba who is covered with loose clothing with her hijab. Secondly there is the mohtasheema, the one who is wearing a veil but wearing tight clothes, so she isn’t a mohajaba yet, but one step away from being one. I think it’s better to have these categories so our young children don’t get confused as to what is the right type of hijab.

What’s sad is that before this new hijab came up, young men would actually respect you instantly because you wore the hijab (well that’s what I got). Now they don’t take us seriously and label us along with the girls who wearing tight clothes, hold their ‘boyfriends’ hands, etc.
They have, indeed, spoilt it for those of us who are taking it seriously. And all this in a so-called Muslim land. I think there is a lot of identity confusion among the youth, they want to cover their hair to obey God’s commands but they also want to be available on the ’attractive market’ so they can find a suitable boyfriend or husband-to-be. Maybe we should just let them be? As long as they have faith in their heart then that’s all that matters? We shouldn’t judge people from their appearance? We should just try to improve ourselves before looking at others?

Maybe the most important thing is for us to be at peace with ourselves and leave the rest to do what they want to do?


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